General Tools for the T25 Home Mechanic

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Hand tools

Metric for everything I cant remember the exact sizes you need so I have put ? when I'm not sure. Halfords professional are good for the money. Over doing it here for basic servicing but you will acquire them all eventually! them in BOLD are essential IMHO Here's a starter kit should set you back at least £200-300 depending on how much quality you buy

  • Socket set 8-19mm 3/8ths sq. drive Ideally something like 5-22mm if poss! maybe across 2 sets with short & long extensions and universal joint
  • 8-22mm Professional spanners
  • At least 2 13mm combination spanners (Halfords Pro)
  • 10mm combination spanner (Halfords Pro)
  • 4-8mm mini spanner set (Maplins)
  • 3/8 to 1/2 inch sq. drive adapter
  • 1/2 to 3/8 adapter (comes with big torque wrench from Machine Mart)

  • Spark plug socket 22mm?
  • oil filter wrench
  • 19mm impact socket (black) for wheel nuts
  • 24mm (steering wheel nut
  • 30mm radiator thermostat large adjustable can be used at a pinch)
  • 46mm (rear hub nut)
  • Breaker bar/ powerbar 1/2". Halfords pro very good)
  • Hex sockets (machine mart OK)
  • Torque wrench Get the big one in preference but both hi and low torque if poss Machine mart)
  • 8mm 12 point internal spline, aka CV Joint tool aka triple square (from GSF for CV Joints)
  • Large adjustable spanner useful for Gas bottle regulator
  • Flat and Pozidrive PZ2 and PZ3 screwdrivers also get the BEST you can afford
  • set of small screwdrivers (computer technician sets from maplins or a jewelers set)
  • mole grips Good black (not silver) round and flat
  • Pliers long nosed inc wire cutters
  • 2lb lump hammer (machine mart)
  • If you are feeling flush get a set of ratchet spanners and stubby spanners.

Lifting, supporting and strapping

  • 3 tonne jack or hi lift jack with Land Rover adapter.
  • 3 or 6 Tonne axle stands (Clarke from Machine Mart)
  • Wheel chocks Machine Mart/Halfords
  • Ratchet straps Halfords/Draper/etc


  • Voltmeter and ideally a 3M length of wire and some alligator clips (Maplins/Halfords)
  • Timing strobe ideally with RPM info
  • CO meter (esp for LPG setup)
  • Gas powered soldering iron and solder (maplins)
  • Crimp terminals and crimping pliers (soldered terminal and shrink tube are better) (Maplins/Halfords)


  • LED head torch ie Petzl (ebay) (Petzl a bit posh & expensive for under motor, £ shop ones better maybe, Ed)
  • Box of 100 latex/vinyl gloves (GSF)
  • Stanley knife
  • Emery paper
  • Spare fuses
  • Various cable ties (esp. a few large ones)
  • Gaffer tape
  • Electrical pvc tape
  • Magnetic pick up tool
  • Small mirror (or mechanics mirror on bendy arm)
  • Assorted nuts washers and bolts including M8 (Machine Mart do selection boxes)
  • WD40
  • Copper grease (Copper-slip)
  • Penetrating oil (helps free-up rusty fixtures) i.e. rust buster from Frosts
  • White spray grease (Halfords)
  • Aerosol waxoyl
  • Self amalgamating tape (Ebay) (for roadside hose repairs)
  • Various plastic pipe stepped connectors and jubilee clips (Hoesclips) 19mm and 25mm off the top of my head for emergency pipe repair Ebay (most £ shop ones are useless, avoid)
  • Oil drain container Halfords or Frosts
  • Selection of wire brushes including some softer brass ones (£ shop)