General Stainless Wire Brush

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Stainless wire brushes are recommended to avoid corrosion of aluminium... however, they also seem much better:

better for brushing when welding, removing oxidation and contamination better
create less secondary corrosion
can be cleaned more easily (e.g. using solvent cleaning sprays)
seem more robust and last longer
very good for cleaning coarse files last longer.

Frosts heavy duty 4 row stainelss wire brush, about £7-50

I've bought two of these so far so that's some sort of recommendation I suppose [HM]

SPID brushes (curve steel bristle-clamp with colour-coded plastic handles) can be obtained in steel, brass-coated steel, stainless (blue handle), brass, hard or soft nylon etc

The stainless and hard nylon ones are ones are about £5-50

Tool-Wise SPID brushes

SPID Wire Brush 01.jpg