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The small hand-held 'spot-blaster' has now come of age and 'hobby/home' ones are available very economically. 

They are ideal for vehicle seam work, making the removal of corrosion and old paint from very tight areas quick and thorough.

A typical advert for a small 'hobby' spot-blaster (about £25~£35)

'Spot Shot' Air Sand Blaster Kit - Closed Cycle/Recycling

  • The most effective way to clean otherwise impossible-to-reach corners and edges!
  • Closed-cycle system recycles blasting abrasive for minimal waste and mess
  • 4 custom spot-nozzles: surface spot; inside-corner; outside-corner and panel-edge nozzle
  • Includes easy-pull trigger gun; aluminium abrasive cannister; recovery filter
  • Essential time-saver for professionals and serious do-it-yourselfers when preparing metal surfaces

Spot blaster 01.jpeg