General Homemade brake bleed pressure device

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hi_tower: I cannibalized my old Gunson eezi-bleed today and made a pressure bleeder

This doesn't require me to remove the spare wheel. Made it from a pump sprayer that was £2.50 from Wilko. If you don't have an old leaky eezi-bleed you could use some plastic tube and an old master cylinder cap. I will add a pressure gauge when I can find an old one or pick one up cheap. Dont pump it up too hard or you might blow the master cylinder res up or the cap off and cover yourself and the vehicle your repairing in fluid. I think it needs about 12-15psi if I remember my long lost eezi-bleed instructions correctly. The brass thing is the adjustable spray part of the garden sprayer. I made the little pinhole in the end bigger with a drill then cut the end off the bit underneath with the "o" ring on it (you will see what I mean if you buy one). The pipe was a tight push fit into the brass bit then. I just put some glue around the pipe and forced it in.