General Hi-lift Jack Safety

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Hi-Lift (farm) jacks can injure you badly, take advice on how to use them and treat them with care at all times, but especially when lowering the vehicle back down!

Hi-Lift(farm) jacks are not as stable as trolley jacks. The vehicle can roll-off them easily if not chocked, causing serious damage.

From US yahoo forum

Hey Everyone,
I was swapping out 15 inch summer tires for 16 inch mud terrain tires the other day. I had one side of the van in the air with a
Hi-Lift jack, tires swapped and now lowering the van. The jack somehow changed direction, the handle suddenly swung up and
caught me in the jaw. Stunned, I just stood there wondering if I was going to loose conciseness, I held on trying to figure
out what just happened, and realizing that blood was starting to pour from my mouth as I spit out teeth. I had made hamburger
out of my tongue, dislocated my jaw, and chipped/broke at least five teeth. I have always used the Hi-Lift (or any other
tool for that matter) with a great deal of respect, but this time it got me! I'm passing this along in hopes that no one
else manages to smash themselves like I have managed. Play it safe with our toys...

Deon Reynolds Eureka, Nevada 1987 Syncro GL