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HM: Best tool in the workshop?

Well, after the bench, vise, drill, hacksaw and set of files, this is about the next most useful thing!. It's used a lot for vaccing out sills and box sections on the vans, and keeping work area clear of grit, swarf etc. Noisy and very powerful!

Probably approaching 20 years old, it packed up this winter, creating quite a sulk ;) Rather than chuck my Goblin 1000+, it was stripped down, a motor ball-bearing had collapsed, and rebuilt with some difficulty, at a cost of 2 evenings and £7-50 for a couple of Googled bearings (just had to have a spare).

Its had various other wiring mods, and gets cleaned regularly... but is quite lethal if any light tools or nuts & bolts are around when in use. With a recently cleaned filter, it'll spin a turbo-charger up into quite a screaming fit.

Compressed air has its place when cleaning parts, but IMHO an industrial vacuum is often better and safer (and the swarf and grit doesn't end up in another part of the workshop, or in your current project's guts )

HD Goblin Vacuum 01.jpg

Long thin wedge (edge/crevice) tools are what's usually required, but rarely lonmg or thin enough, so...

This piece of steel tube fitted perfectly, but was squashed to oval it enough to get into most chassis sections

Vac extension oval 01.jpg

Vac extension oval 02.jpg