General EMPI Rear hub nut spanner

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EMPI Impact spanner for large nuts!

File:EMPI Axle Nut Tool.JPG

This is a short but beefy wrought steel impact spanner that has a face designed to be thumped with a club hammer. The spanner fits over the T2/T3 rear 46mm hub nuts with single-hex faces and provides adequate surface area to 'shock' the nut loose. Works well, needs to be hit with at least a 2 1/2 lb club, 4 lb better, and may need holding onto nut as it is struck (leather gloves useful!). Half a dozen good whacks later, nut should be loose. NB. These castellated split-pinned nuts are designed to be replaced

Volkscafe (US) about £10 inc. Postage

Additional Contribution:-

Cool Air do 'em, don't know if they're Empi though.

Ring 'em on 01322 335050

  • 36mm = part no 7023 = £8.50 inc vat + postage.
  • 46mm = Part no 7024 = £8.50 inc vat + postage.

Also sold by Just kampers for about £11

Removing rear 46mm hub (castle) nut (when radius arm is off of vehicle)

Removing hub nut 01.jpg

Removing hub nut 02.jpg