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Rust-Off primer (Dinitrol RC900 spray can)

Rust-Off Primer by Dinitrol, an epoxy coating that converts & binds rust & creates a good surface for subsequent painting 400ml spray or 1 litre tin (RC800) (from Frosts)

Dinitrol RC900.jpg

Turns rusty metal black, seems to leave clean metal (& any stainless or galved) with a semi-transparent purple coating, and can be overcoated within an hour or so. Spray on any dry, wire-brushed rusty surface after removing heavy scale. Into rusty seams etc is good.

Dinitrol RC900 Effect 01.jpg

Downside, if any, is that it needs thorough removal before welding or brazing (scurfing, so a good treatment after welding, or longer term temporary prevention, but think twice if welding is following along soon... or mask off any such areas).

HM: Recommended, about £15/can from Frost Auto Parts, lasts pretty well.

Update: RC800 liquid more economical, brush on, 1 litre last forever.

Overcoated with Eastwoods Chassis Black

Combined with Eastwoods Chassis Black finish, excellent for producing a tough finish on parts that have been cleaned, wire-brushed and degreased, but not necessarily sand-blast perfect

An example of RC900 pre-treat on bare wire-brushed metal, + 2 coats of Eastwoods Chassis Black

Subaru EJ22 EngMount SmallCar US Refurb001.jpg

Brackets are Pure-Zinc spray treated (Weld-Thru)

NB. Frosts are now saying in their blurb that they can supply (at least) two types of EW Chassis Black.. Original and extra tough (but more expensive).