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Repair welds often start rusting again worse than before, if areas cannot be easily painted afterwards (blind sections)

This is very handy to spray into difficult sections before MIG or spot-welding blind.. or just use to give a galv/zinc finish (e.g. brake backplates, though here are other 'metal finish' paints specifically to give a Cadmium, Stainless and Titanium look.

EW WeldThru Zinc Spray 01.jpg

Frosts catalogue: Once corrosion starts between spot welded seams, it is difficult to stop it without removing and reassembling panels. You can ensure that it doesn’t start though, by coating the panel edges with our Zinc Rich Primer prior to assembly and spot welding. The high zinc content of our coating prevents corrosion and ensures good electrical conductivity for welding. Low cost insurance against future rust. 500 ml aerosol.

£6.00 inc. VAT from Frosts

Tech Data Sheet:



Spray from 25 to 30cm onto the surface to be coated using a series of light coats to build up the thickness required. Allow to dry completely (2-4 hours) before futher painting.


GALVANISING SPRAY is for use in production, maintenance and construction industries to provide a protective coating of Zinc over metal surfaces which protects against rust and corrosion. It can be used as a coating on pipes and steel fabrications to reduce corrosion and as an exceptionally good primer coat. It protects welds on both bare metal or previosly galvanised surfaces and as a touch up for marred, hot galvanished surfaces. It protects iron, piping, ducts, water tanks, automotive and marine parts. Test spray area before applying.

Contains 99.9% Pure Zinc.