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Please can the reference to Redline MT90 be pulled from the WIKI, I do not recommend this oil at all, every box I've known that has had it has had issues, and there is a lot of evidence from the states of excessive wear with this product, Daryl at AA transaxles has been looking at this problem and now he no longer recommends it and on the Vanagon forums it's been spread about that it's not good - unfortunatly the UK importer is targeting the T3 market on ebay, based on old recommendations

The Carplan 75w/90 gl4/gl5 is what i use now that the Fuchs is no longer readily available, if you want to spend a lot of dosh then use Millers, and if you want to spend a fortune then use the SWEPCO, but personally I go with the £20 stuff regularly changed and from what I'm seeing on wear after 5 years that advice stands

Basically,. Comma SX 75W/90 or equiv. is being used by quite a few, a GL4/GL5 compromise (see below) Pure GL5 only should nOT be uised for the transaxle (see below again)

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