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R0B: The auto box is very good. In fact I believe it's the strongest box VW produced. Just make sure you check the auto transmission fluid every now and again.

TonyTech: Lovely box. So easy in traffic. A bit heavy on fuel (arnt they all) and a bit heavier on the brakes.

GeordieSydiver: Can the auto box handle a Subaru engine?

Billy739: Yes , there are a few auto vw boxes with scoobie motors

Matt: I have both 5 speed and an auto, i love both, but curse the 5 speed more! 18 mpg auto, 20 manual, on LPG

HM: There's a 2 Litre Turbo'd Subaru Vanagon in the States with an auto gearbox (belongs to BenT an 80-90 member). Box has been modified for change points and perhaps the cooler beefed up - reliable and great fun - I'm told.

MetalMickey: Autos with plenty of power are great.. Torqueflytes of London modify the change points and behaviour to adapt auto-boxes to characteristics of alternative engines.

Always check auto-fluid doesn't smell burnt or is time-expired.. if you even suspect it, change it!


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