Gearbox Clutch CVs Automatic Gearbox Oil

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There is a dipstick in the engine bay. Follow this procedure. Get the oil up to temperature 60 deg C. (e.g. a 5 or 6 mile run) Make sure van is on a level surface. Put hand brake on. Put gear selector at park "P", leave engine running. Check dipstick. Fluid should be between min and max. From cold, fill to below min mark (newer dipsticks have a 20deg c mark on them, fill to this). Warm engine up to operating temperature and fill to between min and max marks. Do not overfill! Too much can result in damage and must be drained off.

cakewalk: One thing I wished I had done when I changed the ATF was measure how much came out when I drained it !

It's a good reference point of how much fresh ATF to put back in (assumes correct amount of ATF in there in first place tho!!!) Especially as checking the level is quite invovled and tricky to get right (IMO anyway)

If I remember right Haynes says top up with 2½ litres of fresh first then top up gradually to 3 litres with engine running.

Mine took a lot more than 3 litres to get correct level though which is why i wished I'd measured what came out if only as a reference !!