Gearbox Clutch CVs - Gearchange images

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Gearchange - Underfloor change-gate/selector detent box (Syncro diesel shown but most parts arte common to 2WD)

Detent problem(800).jpg

Gearchange - Selector rods - Layout (Syncro diesel)

Centre bush (251 711 207 D) and UJ (renovated) Note: Black tubes to lower of picture are a Syncro 4 wheel drive only part to protect the linkage while offroading.

Selector rod renovated 01(800).jpg

Rear-bush and ball/cup joint (renovated)

NB. Diesel rear cup-arm is longer than petrol (grease on outside of cup-arm allows boot to slip off easily when g/c first used, clean and use hose-clip for permanence)

Selector rod renovated 02(800).jpg

Detail of rear selector-rod assy. Sliding bush retainer with gaiters/bellows, clips, and socket-arm/ball-joint (Nylon onion in cup!)

Gear Selectors Rear Assy 01.jpg

Rear g/c sliding bush (251 711 207 E)(WBX)

Bush gc rear wbx 01.jpg

Front selector-rod fork tangs and sleeves (These are available from Brickwerks now.)

Selector rod renovated 03(800).jpg