Gearbox Clutch CVs - Gearbox corrosion prevention

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mag/ali alloy cases can't readily be repaired due to the mix and the fact that the case will have to be rehardened after repair before machining, if you use ali rods it won't take and will be soft as putty compared to the rest of the case

I don't have any good 5 speed end cases due to the rot problems caused by the earth strap and steel mounting plate

NOTE to all 5 speed owners, remove the earth strap from the mount and put one direct to the starter motor where it belongs and if you get chance take the mount off, remove the corrosion underneath and paint it before putting the mount back on; design flaw 1mm gap for the salty water to sit in between disimilar metals with a 12V potential across them = galvanic corrosion

yep run the earth connection from the chassis to the starter motor rather than use the whole gearbox as the conductor - vw did it because it was quicker to assemble like that using the mounting, the starter motor would have already been attached the the engine + gearbox assembly as it was inserted into the van, fitting it the way I suggested would have meant someone leaning into the engine bay to attach the connection and put the starter motor second bolt on