Gearbox Clutch CVs - Diesel Clutch Slave Bracket

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Slave cylinder support bracket breakage


TD Diesel Syncro

Flange with hole for starter motor bolt can break (see pics)

This can be a show stopper (see get you home fix)

By hook or crook, this job can be done without removing the gearbox (just!)

NB. You are unlikely to be able to remove the operating arm from the cross-shaft (even tried getting it red hot), there is too little edge to get a puller behind it, and it's usually been on those splines for 20 years, so...

SlaveCylBrckt Broken 01.jpg

Saw cut helps removal off of operating arm SlaveCylBrckt Broken 02.jpg

With cross-shaft as far out of bellhousing as possible, it is just possible with a lot of fiddling, to get a new bracket onto the op. arm

SlaveCylBrckt New 01.jpg

Get you home fix

Using a ratchet strap, following method can support the slave sufficiently well to get you a few hundred miles home...

With thanks to Aidan Talbot and SyncroAndy, for assisting at a time of need !

-- Find hook end of strap; make a 2.5 ft loop at that end; put loop through gap under starter motor, drop down o/s of bellhousing Connect hook into exisiting hole in n/s edge of slave bracket Bring other free-end around slave as shown and down n/s of bellhousing, avoiding driveshaft/CV joint Connect up tensioner ratchet Hold slave in position (towards bellhousing) and tighten gradually ensuring strap is even and not caught up, watch slave for position and distortion, tighten well, but not so clutch is disengaged (slipping).
Stow excess strap in engine bay neatly and safely using cable tie.
NB. Strap gets very close to driveshaft boot, so keep it tidy, it might just rub (only a bit!) --

Slave Strap 01.JPG Slave Strap 02.JPG Slave Strap 03.JPG

[HM July 2010)