Gearbox Clutch CVs - Adjusting 4 speed change mechanism

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(Penned by Itchyfeet)

This is the 'book' method of setting up the gearchange mechanism and assumes that all linkage parts are new or in very good order.

If parts are worn or even broken, refer to:

4-speed overhaul -

5-speed overhaul -

Please note, 5-speed adjustment is slightly different. See:

Adjustment of 4-speed shift assembly

In the cab, rotate the plate (pictured below) so that one stud is touching one side of a slot and the other stud the other side.

Gee4 7.jpg

Then up the front (underneath) add a spacer in the shift housing

Haynes and Bentley specify 23mm, I cut a slice off a piece of wood for this.

Gee4 8.jpg

Then make sure the rear selector lever is vertical, tighten the pinch bolt and remove the spacer

Gee4 9.jpg

Check all gears work, if not then play with the bearing adjustment.

Gee4 10.jpg

Finally, heres an animation of the 4-speed selection process looking underneath from behind the box: