Fuel system - Carburettor removal

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Skell: Carb removal:

1) remove air inlet elbow

2) disconnect wires to carb (remembering which is which, label with masking tape), iirc there are three, shut off valve, carb body heater and choke heater

3) score a line across where the auto choke body is attached to the carb. might already be marked, mine was. The auto choke body (not sure if this is the correct term for it), is the bit that has coolant hoses connected. Remove the three screws that hold the autochoke body to the carb, I usually hold the one at the back with long nose pliers once its out a bit to avoid dropping it. Pull housing gently away from carb, inside there is a bi-metal coil that moves the choke.

4) remove fuel feed and return from carb and plug ends with suitable sized bolts (m8 iirc), I usually string them up out of the way.

5) undo (or just loosen a bit) the two bolts holding the bracket near accelerator cable to the inlet manifold

6) remove the two vacuum pipes at the front (front of van) bottom of the carb.

7) undo the three nuts on top of carb that hold carb to manifold and ease the carb upwards and clear of the studs that go through it.

Now retreat to somewhere warm and dry to take the carb apart.

First clean the outside (I use wynn's carb cleaner, it makes a lovely crackling sound when it lands on crap on the carb)

1) Undo the five cross head screws on the top of the carb and take them out, I think they may be different lengths so lay them out somewhere so you know which goes where.

2) pull the top and bottom of the carb apart gently, away from your eyes as you might splash fuel out of the float chamber.

3) tip fuel out of float bowl into a jam jar or similar

4) discard gasket from between the two halves

5)) you can now clean up, if you can get a can of compressed air or have an airline you can blow through the jets, I have managed just squirting Wynn's carb cleaner throught and making sure they have dried out.

6) try and find all the passages through the carb body, if you see a hole squirt cleaner in it - I missed the one that leads to the vacuum pipe for the second throttle first time I did it, after cleaning this the van goes much quicker

7) where the fuel feed line fits onto carb there is a little filter inside the metal tube, you can ease this out with a pin in the plastic end of it, but be careful not to poke through the filter, its like a very tall cone with a plastic ring round the base, flush it out if it has crap in it. this bit doesn't come in the rebuild kit so be careful....

8) when you think it is clean enough to eat your dinner off put it back together in true haynes style - refitting is the reverse of removal.

I think that's it.