Fuel System Filler Problems

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Simon Baxter: When was the last time you looked at your fuel filler neck on your T3? 

Specifically the rubber at the top that connects the flange (heh, I said flange) to the filler neck.

I just seem to be going through these at an alarming rate recently as almost all the vans that come in that have running problems have fuel filters that are full of water, both petrol and Diesel.

What is happening is the rubber part of the filler neck is deteriorationg to such a point where it cracks, then water spray fom the front wheel is making it's way through the hole and down the filler neck into the tank leaving you with a fuel tank containing water which leads to running problems.

I have started stocking these now as I cannot afford to let vans out knowing that it only takes one downpour to put a van out of service.

The metal ring that sits behind the rubber are always corroded and dropping in pieces too, so the often need replacing as does the large hose clamp that holds the rubber to the neck, I am replacing the hose clamp with a large cable tie or 2 as they don't rot!

The part numbers for the rubber and the ring are as follows.

Rubber - 251 201 119 D - £ 12.84 +VAT (ish)

Metal ring - 251 201 197 - £ 2.64 +VAT (ish)

These parts fit all 2WD models, including the early tank style with the metal filler neck.

Although your local VW dealer won't stock these, Milton Keynes hold a fair few and should be available for next day delivery.

Jen: Completely different, yet the same, my Syncro's damage was due to the filler pipe - and the neck was corroded so much it just gave in completely - so it isn't just 2WDs.

HarryMann: The syncro can also have a whole variety of problems with the filler system, from Jen's corroded neck right down to the tube along the chassis rail on van based models (corrodes and leaks), as well as breather tube problems etc. Even heard of fuel coming out of the key-hole in locking caps recently.

Another tip on Syncros, is to always put the filler nozzle as far into the filler tube as possible, but don't bash the thing on the way in and don't fill too fast or try to overfill.

It's almost impossible to get the quoted 70 odd litres in anyway (without everything being in perfect order and chocking up the right side rear wheel).

Gti mad man Thanks Simon and the Wiki. I checked mine and am glad I did as I was treated to this....

Fuel Filler Rust 01.jpg

Fin: Picture of fueltank plus connections and expansion tank

Fueltank 2WD 01.jpg