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AFerry (extract from emailshot, 15th April, 2006

Dear AFerry Customer,

AFerry is pleased to announce its newest ferry operator partnership with AT Ferries. AT Ferries run a value passenger and cargo service between the UK and Spain, connecting the ports Portsmouth and Bilbao.

The ferry service is due to commence on 16th May 2006. Initially there will be two sailings a week. During July and August the sailings per week will increase to three. Book your AT Ferries ferry crossing now online with AFerry.to!

Portsmouth Bilbao 
         Leaves     Arrives  
Thurs/Mon 1200       1700 
         Leaves     Arrives
Fri/Tues 2100        0700 

Portsmouth - Bilbao

Standard return, car+2, incl. 2 berth outside cabin from £623

Standard single, car+4, incl. 4 berth inside cabin from £611

Standard return, 2 footpassengers sharing a 2 berth outside cabin from £344

Standard return, motorhome+4, incl. 4 berth inside cabin from £515

AT Ferries is being operated by Acciona Trasmediterránea, part of the Acciona Group. AT Ferries will use their new Fortuny ship on the Portsmouth -Bilbao route, with a capacity of 1000 passengers and 330 cars.

This super ferry is one of the most modern, fastest and comfortable ships of the company. It is equipped with all the services to make your crossing a mini-cruise. Passengers can enjoy on board leisure facilities like cafeteria, restaurant, supermarket, discotheque, cinema, game rooms and gift shops.