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From the forum Thu Feb 23, 2006

charlie brown syndrome Joined: 01 Jan 2006 Posts: 8 Location: BIRMINGHAM I recently had an engine reconditioned and fitted with elite. seems to be ok so far, must admit that when i picked van up, there was a couple of things not working that were fine when i dropped it off to them, but in fairness i did have alot of work done and did leave them with a list of stuff that i wanted doing, i basically had a turbo diesel panel van and a 2.1 caravelle and the bodywork on the caravelle was very scabby but the engine was good and the panel van had a poo engine but the bodywork was good, they put the engine (after reconditioning) from the 2.1 caravelle into the panel van, my only gripe really was that they said, when i phoned them on the thursday that the van was literally done and would be completely finished by friday, i agreed to pick the van up on saturday afternoon and made arrangments to travel from birmingham to essex to pick the van up, and when i got there on saturday pm the van was still on axel stands!!i ended up waiting around in the cold for a couple of hours.then on the way home i realised that the speedo ,horn, and a few other bits and bobs in the van werent working.

Ray Joined: 08 Oct 2005 Posts: 48 Location: st albans

Had 2.1 put in last year by them. A few problems like not being ready when they said and a component failure (not their fault) which was put right. Overall quite satisfied with price etc and they know the engines alright. Time will tell only done about 2k so far!

....I have phoned a few times for advice etc and the two micks have always been friendly and helpful. As said above at their prices I think its OK