Diesel engines engine codes

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Based on information from The Brickyard click here for the original with more technical data

Diesel - water-cooled

CS 1.6l 4-cyl. Upright Diesel from 81 to 87 37kw / 50bhp.

KY 1.7l 4-cyl. Upright Diesel from 87on 42Kw / 57bhp.

JX 1.6l 4-cyl. Upright turbo Diesel from 85on 51Kw / 70bhp.

AAZ 1.9l 4-cyl Turbo diesel fitted to Passat and some Golfs (75HP)

1Y 1.9l 4-cyl NA diesel fitted to Passat and some Golfs (75HP)

ADG 1.9l 4-cyl Industrie-Motor (equivalent to 1Y 1.9 NA)

ADE 1.9l 4-cyl Industrie-Motor (equiv to AAZ (1.9 TD)

Where is that code

Diesel Engine code.JPG


VW Industrial Diesel(1)

VW Industrial Diesel(2)