Diesel Engines Instruments

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Some diesel instruments

EGT seen over back of panel creeping up to 700C; Oil temp 110C; Oil pressure 35 psi; Boost 12 psi, 14 at times (10 minutes of 2nd gear mountain climbing, would just about pull 3rd between hairpins)

1.9TD AAZ with IC, 2.5" exhaust; Garret T2 with wasetegate bleed; 19 row oil cooler up-front... Doka about 2 ton AUW

Instruments 7645(800).jpg

JX turbo manifold, AAZ engine/head

EGT sender position:


How does the Diesel rev counter work

dave friday The alternator produces a frequency that varies with engine speed, the rev counter measures this frequency and moves the pointer , 1000 rpm for low frequency[low engine speed] 4800rpm for high frequency[high engine speed]. From the "w" terminal on the alternator[red/black wire]it goes to e12 [fuse box in front of van] changes to green on the way! then to d19 then red/black to d26[ still on f box then b19 then green wire to t 14 terminal 9[the long connector under the dash] your problem will may be with this connector . good luck!