Diesel - Adding bulb pump primer and transparent fuel lines

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Diesel - Adding bulb pump primer and transparent fuel lines

When it comes to fuel filter replacement or diagnostics a bulb primer and transparent lines can really pay for themselves. Once the fuel filter is empty the diesel pump has to crank longer than is good for the starter motor to get it going. with an inline bulb primer you can pull diesel up from the tank and prime the main fuel pump so its a turn of the key and off you go. Also Being able to see any bubbles in the lines can show you if you have an air leak somewhere. Diesel is nasty stuff and can break down some plastics so you need to have fuel line that is rated for diesel. The fuel filter has 8mm connecting barbs and I have kept my internal diameter to 8mm throughout, although I would say the banjo connector hose tail on the fuel pump looks closer to 6mm. I got my fuel line from : http://www.dieselveg.com/

2 X 1M of PA600KL Transparent Fuel Pipe 08mm,

1 X1M TBSE304 Rubber Fuel Hose 08mm

VSH08MS10 Reinforcement Ferrules ID 08mm

and 10X SS12229 Hose Clip 12 - 22mm

annoyingly they dont do a bulb primer you can get it from Eurocarparts or screwfix Initially I bought a cheap one off ebay with alloy ends I opened it up and the inside wasn't very cleanly finished with knurly edges where it had been drilled and what looked like fine grit/sand under swarf, also the alloy ends were extemely delicate and made out of the cheapest thinnest material that they could be made from at about £2.50 each I was tempted and fell into the cheap chinese crap trap, if I didn't open it up it could have cost me loads in rebiult pump injectors etc.

It is recommended that you turn the ignition to the first position to open the fuel cut off solenoid while pumping the bulb so as not to stress the seals in the fuel pump.