Coolant and Heating front pipe leaks

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Anon: The selector for the hot air to come through the cab heater operates a valve situated above the spare wheel. If this leaks you can temporarily repair it with some copper pipe made in to a U shape (with some compression fittings) fit it in to the out and return pipe with two jubilee clips to hold it on, let it rest on the spare wheel. It'll get you home, and if it's summertime you've got till winter to fix it.

James.Grundey: Anyway, the pipes to the heater matrix have split and therefore I keep losing the water and engine then overheats.

Ian Hulley: Go to a proper Motorfactors (e.g. try Linings & Hoses in Wirksworth) and ask for 'GP80' hose with the correct I.D. of your heater hose. That stuff's good for oil, antifreeze, the lot really. You can buy it by the metre and get the associated bends, connectors and clips .... and ask for trade discount!