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Replacing heater hoses

Cruz: If anyone needs to replace their front to back heater pipes they need at least 3.5 metres (each) of good quality GP80 heater hose with a 5/8" (15.875 mm) internal bore diameter.

Insulating heater hoses

HarryMann: Insulate heater hoses for quicker heater warmup in winter and less heat to under-floor areas in summer

In this instance I used Screwfix 2" bubble/foil tape, spirally wound, stopping it off with their 2" ally foil self-adhesive tape. Results? Easy to fool oneself - but I also wanted less under cab-floor heat in summer, so convinced myself heater warmed up quicker in winter, which theoretically it does !

Heater Hose Insulation 01.jpg

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