Camping Interior lighting

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lbyford: For any one who is interested I have installed two CCFL lamps in my van. Each of these these appear to me to be about the same brightness as 2 x 8w Flourescent tubes. By my reckoning they use about 1/3 of the power. (the PSU was 400ma for the CCFL).

These lamps are used by car modders and PC modders so are widely available on fleabay. They are all 12v and can be many different colours. You can also get from DIY stores (mine were from Focus) as they are used as kitchen display lighting (it seems) this type are retail packaged and come with a 12v/240v transformer which is not needed. My lamps were £14 ea

Seach on ebay for CCFL or Focus ones are:

EBuyer page