Camping Interior fridge removal

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Firstly be careful go slow and your be fine ,it may seem daunting it isn't:) I wasn't sure but so glad i did my fridge is so much colder and works on the mains :lol:

Note this is a 1 spanner job(suitable for novices)

Tools required

pozi screw driver spanners 14mm and 15mm(though your gas unions may differ) baby bottle brush long and thin long haired paint brush hoover All purpose cleaner.

STEP ONE Firstly disconnect gas from bottle and both batteries.

STEP TWO Next undo the rear "white vent" (8 screws) this gave me great acess to remove the wires (remember to take a photo for reference) Now you can remove the 4 screws from the electrolux cover ,remove the outer cover rubber flap and mount,then reach inside now and remove the vent tube and external these just pull off use gentle twisting action too free them up. [img:320:240][/img]

STEP THREE Undo the 3 or 4 side screws in the cuboards (2 either side) [img:320:240][/img] Remove control knobs (carefulyy pull off) and front facia(2 small screws)

STEP FOUR Making sure fridge is empty, slowly pull fridge forward grabing top and bottom not the door! :!:

STEP FIVE When fridge is far enough out disconnect the gas suply ontop of the fridge(you can see where mines removed on this picture) [img:320:240][/img]

STEP SIX Now you can remove the fridge,you should have a void like this,note sink waste pipes and tap supply(nows a good chance to check condition/replace these) :wink: [img]http:320:240][/img] I had a good look behind here knowing there prone to rust luckily mines fine:) [img:320:240][/img]

STEP SEVEN You can now turn your attention to cleaning/mending the fridge this is what they look like from the rear..... [img:320:240][/img]

STEP EIGHT Now you can dismantle the fridge(everything is simply self taper screwed on) [img]http:320:240][/img] I used a long thin "bottle brush" and compreseed air down the exhaust and flues be careful not to go all the way and damage the components below.! The drip tray was cleaned with fairy liquid and the whole casing wiped down with multi purpose cleaner. Mark gave me a great tip get a long haired paint brush and dust and hoover the back of the fridge escpecialy the cooling fins(be very careful around the ignitor and jet area as these are delicate)

STEP NINE Making sure door is closed turn fridge upside and leave upside down over night, this alows the refridgerant fluids/gases to mix and become more efficient again ,now go have a beer)

In true haynes manual stylie repalcing is opposite of removal Please check gas joints . Don't just use fairy liquid its corrosive!

Use a gas detector or get a qualified corgi gas man to check them if in doubt.

Also once running on gas check that theres no carbon monoxide being made :!:  :!: