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1991 Autosleeper/Trooper Pop Top

PeteIOM:  Mike (Metalmick8y)lead me in the right direction... 
you have to work from the back of van forwards if you want to make life easier.

FIG 1.
Screw 1 - Open Cupboard door and above the hanging railing there is a screw that goes into the overheard cupboard.
Screws 2 & 3. Tricky buggers to find if your like me and not used to removing camper interiors. Lift lid and remove trays (if yours has trays). Fixed to each side of the cupboard are runners for the tray to sit on, remove runner on van panel side and you will see 2 screws holding cupboard to van panel.
Screw 4 and 5. Back inside the wardrobe unit and there are a couple of screws fixing wardrobe to long unit.
Screw 6. Inside wardrobe at back (tailgate end) and on the base there is a bracket fixed to the floor.
PeteIOM CamperScrews 01.jpg

FIG 2.
Once you have moved these the majority of the damned difficult (hidden) screws are done.

Before other units I removed fridge. Certainly seemed easier working without the fridge in place.

Screws 1,2,3 & 4. These are in the adjacent cupboards (or atleast on mine they were) near the front.
Screw 5. Two screws either end of panel, undo both and pull control knobs off (This makes it easier to disconnect wires).
PeteIOM CamperScrews 02.jpg

Once the fridge is out you need to disconnect any sink pipes, heater pipes etc (I found it easier to disconnect the gas pipes to the heater than unscrew the heater and try and move that along with cupboards).

The other screws that hold the units in place are in the cupboard behind the drivers seat.. a small 'L' shape bracket screwed into panel covering. Possibly another 'L' bracket at the front corner of that cupboard going into floor.

Something to bear in mind when you think you have all the screws out but still nothing's really moving much is that it may not have been moved for 20 years so a little levering here and there should get it moving.

MetalMick8y: Good work there on the pics, what about the R&R bed - did that not come out first or have I missed it?

Oh Yes, the bed. Oops!

Screws 1,2 & 3. These are located at the bottom of the board screwed into the floor (note the electrics box to the left needs to be unscrewed from the board to).

Once you've done the screws holding the board in your thinking "there's no more screws.. I can't see anymore screws!" but it won't budge.
Screw 4. This little bugger (or at least in my van) was hidden by the carpeting pile. It goes through the wood slate, down and into the wheel hump.. have a good feel about with ya finger and you soon find it!
PeteIOM CamperScrews 03.jpg

[Thanks to PeteIOM for the great photo-article and Oldjets, MetalMick8y and Meggles for their contributions and suggestions]




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