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1. Little electric fan heaters are available for about £12 from places like argos. Ideal for winter camping with 240v hookup

2. Take plenty of bedding and jumpers. Make a brew for heat

3. Sometimes we take a candle, and if it gets really cold we light it.

 If you have Trumatic heating that doesn't work.....

First check voltage at the control board should be 12 or more.

Then check that the gas cylinder is not on its last legs, the heater will stop working before the cooker or fridge.

If thats all good then check that you can hear the solenoid opening as the unit atempts to fire (should be a solid click noise) and that you can hear the spark noise (a rapid ticking noise).

If the solenoid doesn't click, you'll have to get at the heater unit and open it up, I freed mine by removing the electric coils off the solenoid valve (brass thing at rear of unit with gas connected to it) and using a very strong magnet I got the shuttle inside moving. apparently a sharp tap can do the same job.

Once Its freed up Turn on the heater at least once a fortnight to keep the solenoid free.