Camping Interior Conversion specific electrical wiring diagrams Holdsworth Villa

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This includes scans of the original users manual but it is not complete

Link to original thread

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Ok, we have a wiring diagram (well, two actually - diesel and petrol; I take it from your wiring colours that you have a petrol). Thanks to 80-90 member 'Molly Man' who posted me some photocopies

Click on picture to see full size

8HoldsworthVillaPetrol12vWiring (2).jpg

Petrol12vWiring Top LHS shows the fridge switchwire (white/green) which goes to terminal 86 on relay A (W2 on your relay), 85 is the black to earth (W1 on yours). The brown from the 25A fuse in the diagram (15A in your picture) goes to 30 (C1 on yours) and the brown/violet leaves terminal 87 to the fridge (C2 on yours).