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Westfalia skylight replacement parts

Also many parts can be sourced through Gunzle in Germany He speaks English and many members have used him in the past

Brickyard has a useful Westfalia Threads there is no point recreating everything here

Westfalia Hightop removal on the Samba

Late Wesfalia LPG leisure tank Gauge Fault Despite there being lots of valuable information on the BrickYard I thought as we had covered this problem pretty well ourselves we would post our own information. If you have a later Westfalia where the LPG gauge doesn't move and just reads empty, here is the solution:

The fault lies with the internal float mechanism leaking and filling up with LPG (the pictures basically say it all) Repaired by removing the mechanism and resealing the threads on the float with PTFE tape (Gas Grade) However, as we are dealing with LPG extreme care is needed to make sure the tank is completely empty before doing anything. The safest way to do this is burning off the gas. Make sure your fridge control buttons are turned onto 'mains' so the auto igniter do not operate. Well ventilated area (don't do this is your shed, much better outside. Extinguisher to hand.... Pictures courtesy of Steve (nobbyfox)

Here are the main components...the float has been unscrewed from the threaded rod..this is where you need to apply the PTFE tape [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]


On this picture you can see the repaired float with PTFE tape clearly seen [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]