Breakdown Freeway (Via Glynwood insurance)

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ghost123uk: My beakdown insurance is via Glynwood insurance, an often recommended VW Camper insurer

Address = Glynwood Insurance Services, 193 Wolverhampton Street, Dudley, DY1 1DU. Tel 01384 214544

So far I have found Glynwood very helpful and competitively priced. They do offer an "agreed value" scheme that seems to rely on supplying 6 or so photos of your camper and engine etc. and your own written submission as to the equipments fitted and vehicle condition.

The "Freeway" breakdown cover seems on the face of it very good, though I have to say I have never needed to "try it out" yet (touches wood) !

It only covers the UK and cost me £34 this year (2009)

(John in Chester)