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European breakdown repatriation to UK

Authority for repatriation or repair

Under Comprehensive Cover, If Your Insured Vehicle can not be driven due to an Accident in Europe, any damage which You are entitled to have repaired by Your motor insurers must be reported to them immediately. Your insurers must decide whether to authorise repair abroad or have the Insured Vehicle repatriated. We cannot repatriate the Insured Vehicle unless Your insurers first give their permission. We also reserve the right to negotiate with them to reclaim any costs We may have incurred. It is Our decision alone whether to repatriate or repair locally an Insured Vehicle which cannot be driven as a result of a Breakdown, or in the event of Comprehensive Cover, as a result of an Accident for which You do not have fully comprehensive insurance cover from your motor insurer. Non-repatriated vehicles Repatriation will not be available if the market value of Your Insured Vehicle or trailer/caravan is less than the cost of repatriation. Wherever possible, market value will be based on Glass's Guide.