Brakes brake pipe parts

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Ian Hulley from busgoons

3/16" O.D. Short Male Nut M10 x 1mm (guide price ~ 24p)

3/16" O.D. Female Nut M10 x 1mm (guide price ~ 17p)

3/16" O.D. Female Connector M10 x 1mm (guide price ~ 80p)

3/16" O.D. Kunifer Brake Pipe (guide price ~ 95p/Mtr.)All the pipes I have come across are

single-flared,unless you know differently

can buy the lot made up from JK just shy of £100 though! and alo only listed for an early van at April 2011

Simon Baxter on brake pipe over trailing arm. I always cut rears to 525mm for 2WD and syncro. Ignore ETKA also, some are correct, some aren't, your better just copying the originals. I usually just cut them (don't bother undoing, it takes too long) then use the old pipe as a guide for length, flare them then use a brake pipe bending tool and the old pipe to get the shape of the pipe before I fit it, they practically fall on then and look neat too.