Brakes Front handbrake cable

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There is a guide that is located above the Fuel tank that is not possible to remove with the tank in situ. it is possible to lower the front edge of the tank to gain some access by supporting with a jack and removing the tank straps. Petrol tank removal is more troublesome than diesel due to the breather tanks in the wheel arches the are attached to grommets in the top of the tank. brickwerks do a replacement cable but you need to reuse this guide (and the boot at the handbrake end) More commonly people will repair the handbrake cable rather than replace it.

Made out of an old piece of M6 threaded rod and a wood screw insert with the thread ground off used to join the two together


Or if you have access to a welder then weld the threaded bar stright on

Also If youhave a good engineering suppliers near you you can get an internally threaded threaded bar joiner to attach the repair threaded bar to the old stump. The one I got from Brabbin and Rudd was about 2" longso it would be a good idea that you use as little of the old bar as possible to prevent the join falling where the equaliser needs to sit. That said I added a couple of nylock nuts either side to prevent it vibrating loose.