Bodywork and Glass Windscreen Removing

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colinthefox: I have had a rust patch spreading out from under the windscreen rubber for a few years. Poked it in the eye today and it turned into a hole right down into the bowels of the footwell. Reluctantly, I had to remove the windscreen as there was no chance of repairing it with the screen in situ.

Not wanting to crack the screen, I found an easy and, I think foolproof method of removing it.

I cut loads of blocks of wood about 3 inches long out of 3/4 inch square section and placed them behind the inner lip of the rubber inside the van, all the way up the sides and along the top. I used shorter blocks to go round the corners:-

CTF Windscreen removal 01.jpg

By the time all the blocks were in place the screen was already loose, and just needed a light push at the top to remove it. No force involved, so no danger of cracking the glass. Of course, if you do it this way, you'll miss the sight of your partner, legs akimbo, sat on the front seat with their feet on the screen. Your choice.

Here's what I found.

CTF Windscreen removal 02.jpg

TitusADuxass: For really easy screen removal just cut the seal with a knife. Run the knife down between the glass and the screen, a bit water with Fairly Liquid helps as a lube.

Then just refit with a new genuine VW seal.

'CovKid: Use genuine seal if cut old one out. JK seals are much harder to fit, much! Also, will still require some sealer to ensure completely watertight.

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