Bodywork and Glass Window removal and refitting

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Anon (Russel?):

Its an easy job ,but u need to get a mate to help u , take a broad flat blade blunt as poss ,as u need to use this from the inside (asumeing your windows are factory fitted without chrome or black inserts on the outside ) start in one corner and you r trying to push the window rubber back over the metal edge its covering (just tuck it back in a little behind the window edg , apply a little force to the glass to create the gap to tuck it in ! do this al the way round by the time u have reached halfway you will prolly b able to push it out while your mate catches it on the otherside ,to re fit it get some cord bout 1/4 in thick and tightly wound ,put the rubber back on the glass and insert the cord in the rubber offerit up to the window hole and while your assistant pushes verry hard on the glass in the area that you r pulling the cord (inside the van ) the rubber lip will end up on the inside ,once u have done one then you will see its not hard to do ,you just need an assistant ,try taking one out and putting it back ,when ur confident do the others do it on a warm day so the rubbers are soft and plyable or use a hairdryer to soften them ,oh and if ur limo blacking them yourself ,use one of those plant sprayer things and realy soak the film and the glass as u peel of the backing , hope u can follow this i am not a tecnical writer but you get the drift and sorry bout the typos !


To take the window out. From inside the vehicle start in one top corner by levering down the seal around the bodywork and pushing out the window at the same time working along both edges at the same time, once you have got it started it gets easier. The easiest way is to just cut the seal on the inside roughly along the line of the lip of the bodywork with a stanley knife you only have to do the top and halfway down each side and then push out from the top and then replace the seal it's a good idea anyway (dont forget to have someone on the outside ready to catch it).

To replace the window fit the seal to the window and put the cord (I use electrical cable as it slides easier)into the slot where the bodywork goes and overlap the two ends at the top by at least six inches. Offer the window up to the hole in the bodywork and with someone on the outside pushing in the window at the top and bottom where the cords overlap, pull one of the cords to pull the lip of the rubber under the lip of the body work. As you work around the window the the outside person has to push in the window where you are pulling the cord and also push in the window opposite where you are pulling the cord to stop the wndow popping out. As Hacksawbob said KY jelly is a good lubricant I use tyre fitting soap as it has anti corrosion inhibiters but not washing up liquid or silicone lubricants. Once the window is fitted bang the window with palm of your hand all the way round to settle the window in.

Titus A Duxass

Try not to use any lubricants at all, if the screens slides in it could slide out.

The string goes in the seal groove that lips around the bodywork and is pulled from the inside.

Use a good strong string like paracord, about 8-10mm thick, feed it around the seal starting from the centre at the top of the screen and go all the way round. Aim for an overlap of about 30cms.

You need two people for the task. Place the screen in the hole and push it in as far as possible. With the second person applying pressure from outside directly over the string, firmly pull string out of the seal. Try to to keep string pointing towards the centre of the screen.

You may need to back the screen in using your hand/palm.

If it does not sit right, pull it out and start again.

Good luck. Buy a spare screen first!

Sundries (e.g. filler strips, inserts etc. Chrome window trim available Frank Grote (for chrome filler strips on that go into the rubber)

Another supplier of chrome filler strips

Window trim fitting video Originally posted on Brickyard