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"I want to remove the dark red/burgundy stripe on the hi-top of my 1988 Auto-Sleeper. Any tips? I've just had a look and it looks like a hideous job."

A gentle amount of heat applied via a hairdryer might soften it up nicely and melt the glue on the back, not sure what your neighbours will think though!

You'd be better off taking the old one off like Cate said use a hair dryer and if there is glue left on the van Get some turps/white spirit and rub it off with that. Check the turps on an incunspicuos place of the van just to make sure it won't do any damage to the van. Its not that hard to do Ive done it loads on cars and lorries

The best way is with gentle heat and time, any sticky residue left try WD40 to remove it. If you want to keep it original Auto-Sleepers Ltd are still trading in the same location (Willersey Nr Broadway WR12 7PT) you can call them on 01836 853338 where the parts department still supply the modern decals, and from my last visit I am sure they had one in Blue

Lighter fluid is by far the best stuff for removing any left over adhesive! I use it all the time at work (it's called panel wipe in large quantities and we use it for preparing surfaces pre spraying)... you'll be there 3 times longer with anything else. Also it's better for the surface underneath. It's a very clean fraction of crude oil.. turps etc are heavier and leave more residue. Avoid thinners... it'll melt your roof!!

I used a kettle, get a corner started then trickle the hot water ahead of where you are pulling and go slowly, very little reside was left, but the paint underneath was pristine!