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Suppliers of suitable custom tarps or cover materials

Fastbus: Doka canvas wanted. Prefer black but grey will do

MandN Canvas

Cornish tarp material supplier

Made our pickup's tarp cover - supply hd tarp mat'l, bungee, d-s tape and pressure pvc adhesive etc. (Lancs)

AlexB1969: I've got a factory camoflaged one on my Doka - to give you an idea of wht VW would want if they still had any - a new T5 cover & Frame is £ 1000 ish - Ive just bought a T5 one for my new T5 crew from a manufacturer in germany for £ 700 inc delivery & vat - really well made & excellent quality fittings

Ian Hulley: BTW as a guide to strength an 8 wheeler sheet is made from 16oz cotton. MandnCanvas (above) make trailer and load bay covers to pattern and used to offer a measure and design service too ... suitably cheap an all.

HarryMann: We had a rectangle made up in heavy material for about £60 (about 2m x 2.2m) and then fitted extra eyelets (1/2" is a good size for a heavy bungee rope), as well as small ones along the front, to screw to a timber that locks-in fairly well behind the cab hoop. It doesn't flap at seed and without a tilt, a fairly easy job to siphon a couple of buckets of sparkling fresh water after a night's rain. M12 x100mm bolts through the dropside hinges act as bungee cleats, obviating the need for nasty galv ones, and protrusions into the load bay. A single M12 into the front edge of each dropside, where the rubber bung is, locates each front corner about as good as possible. By fitting the whole front edge's eyelets well back, an overlap can be formed that sits quite neatly under the rear window, providing a reasonable weather seal there. Only around the hoop uprights does a bit of water get in - a great improvement, and even after a good nights rain, nothing much to worry about!

File:Doka Cover.jpg

Have since made up some tilts of 1/4" ply that spring between the pressings at the top of the dropsides - saves siphoning 5 ~10 gallons per night off the thing in the rainy season.

Also have since worked with the VW type flat tarp, that uses trunbuckles on the top edge of the dropsides - looks nice be cannot carry a load that sits above dropsides nor take a tilt