Body Accessories Exterior Left hand drive headlights and the MOT

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Masks or converter kits Right hand dip headlamps can be temporarily altered for use in the UK by fitting masks or converter kits which remove the beam 'kick-up' to the right.

A headlamp altered in this way is not a reason for rejection, if

a. the headlamp aim is not rejected for the reasons listed under diagram 1 (except that the top of the beam image will be a straight line)

b. the light output is not unduly reduced - not usually a problem with commercially produced kits

c. the mask or converter is securely attached

Determine the appropriate headlamp beam image and its aim (See diagrams 1, 2 and 3). Older vehicles (approx. pre 1950) headlamps beam image may not conform to either diagrams I, 2 or 3. In such cases check . dip beam headlamps are aimed so they do not dazzle, ie the beam image brightest part is aimed at least 0.5% below the horizontal or for headlamps which cannot be checked on dip beam, check . main beam headlamps are aimed so that the beam image centre is on or slightly below the horizontal.

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dubzontorz I have had it confirmed verbally by the VOSA that as long as your headlights are correctly taped and are within the correct beam allignment, then you CANNOT be failed on lights just because yours are LHD, you do not have to by law change them to RHD lights.