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Forum question

mhilton: Vendor is saying he has the panel behind the fridge painted every 3 years (from the outside)...

I can't help wondering whether it's rotten from inside out if it is the fridge.

Rozzo: Ask if he'll allow you to look behind the fridge? If it's horrendous in there you'll see it.

Trouble is it tends to rot the structural pillars that you can't see from the outside and this is very expensive to get fixed up. (For the money you're talking about you should be able to get a very good one so don't rush into the first ones you see is my advice and beware of brand new paint jobs!)

HarryMann: Yes, it can be and very often is, if no-one has ever taken the trouble to kill it at source properly. It isn't uncommon that the whole panel needs replacing, and possibly down into the sill area.

No substitute for good drainage and ventilation in kitchens... some bonded insulation inside that panel would also go a long way to prevent condensation

Dugcati: I can vouch for that! the area behind the fridge - the whole lower part of the panel on mine and the posts were really rotten.... I have had weeks and weeks of welding to do on mine.

chippieshaun: Feel free to have a browse here and see the pictures behind my fridge!

Behind fridge chsh 01.jpg

rick&ang: This is how bad it can be. Not beyond repair but it takes a lot of time.

When i bought mine it didnt look to bad but I soon found out that paint can cover a lot of sins! This is a picture of the inner sill (behind and under the fridge). The rest of the van was pretty much the same too but its sorted now.

Fridgerot RG 01.jpg

Cruz: Here's the mess my fridge made in 25 years


Os sill.JPG

And here it is all fixed up and ready for a rustoleum paint job

Os sill outside.jpg

Os sill inside.jpg

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