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Cab-step (ad-hoc repair)

HarryMann: Ad-hoc fab and welding for cab-step

CLIVE-Os-step1.jpg CLIVE-Os-step2.jpg CLIVE-Os-step3.jpg CLIVE-Os-step4.jpg CLIVE-Os-step5.jpg CLIVE-Os-step6.jpg CLIVE-Os-step7.jpg

Subsequently RTV bond was not very succesful, however step treads eventually flattened down. Obviously the new profile and holes need to be a fairly accurate match for the tread to locate and stay in place nicely.

N.B. Proper cab step repair plates are available. Look to protect the underside from water/salt in the future e.g. plastic muck deflector, heavy underseal etc. See below.

Cab-step (using repair panel)