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Best advice here is to go for single electrode spark plugs with a reduced gap of 25thou (0.63mm)this will produce a more intense spark and ignite the gas more evenly, it takes a lot more energy to ignite gas over petrol hence the figures, multi point plugs can (not in all cases) cause backfiring and lumpy acceleration, if in doubt change them and set them as above, you will be supprised at the change. If you need any further help please contact me through the Club - Steve (Gasure.UK)

As a side note* Steve is the man when it comes to LPG so if he says single electrode plugs set to 25thou are best for LPG I would go with that.

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From Ghost123UK

Re Single Point plugs for use with LPG.

The Bosch number for the flat 4 petrol engines fitted with electronic ignition is WR7DC, gapped as Steve says above.

(Useful tip = no feeler gauges = no worries, a "Stanley Knife" blade is the required 25thou (0.63mm) thick !!)

For non electronic ignition flat 4's W7CC seems correct according to the Bosch application chart.

The "R" in the plug number indicates a built in interference suppressor for use with the higher energy spark produced by the electronic system. The letter after the "7" indicates how much the spark gap protrudes below the body of the plug (known as the "reach")

For more info on what the codes mean, see the Bosch Spark plug code guide at =

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