Alternative Fuels Fuel economy

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Harrymann: This section is intended for Alt Fuels economy - please quote fuel and system you're using
as well as body type and typical loads (and your username)

1.9 DG engine 10K since engine reconed, hightop camper, best fuel economy was 18MPG. (not LPG then!-Ed)

2.0ltr aircooled CU motor Devon based camper in full trim 17-19mpg (or equivalent 42-47 petrol)

Works panel van with 2.2 Subaru injected gas with full load 28mpg (or equivalent 73 petrol)

1.9DG Caravelle standard trim 25mpg (or equivalent 62 petrol)

1.9DG Tin Top Camper, 98K miles averages 22MPG on LPG (43p/Ltr - does about the same on 90p/Ltr petrol)

1.9 DG Westy 144k miles averages 25 MPG on LPG does bit less on petrol