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markeymagicbus: Help, 1.9DG sump plug is spinninga nd not coming oout

Wasserleaker: The engine cases are split vertically and the sump plug thread is in one half of the pair, so you cant swap the sump for a good one if the thread is knackd, like you can with an air-cooled eng. try gripping the bolt tightly with mole grips/self grip wrench and applying downward force as well as anti-clockwise [undo-ing] force and it may come out, then you'll need to rethread the hole bigger with a suitable thread cutting taper tap, and get an M16 x 1.5 renault sump plug, or helicoil insert it and re-use std. sump plug. [M14 X 1.5 MM Pitch, if i remember right.]

MAFCO Part No 551-7140 Renault sump plug with washer M16 x 1.5 x 12 cost £3.95.

markeymagicbus: Tried that and getting nowhere, thanks

wasserleaker: Seems quite a common prob, mine was held in with body filler and virtually fell out when i tried to undo it! [cheers, previous owner!] heavy handed t-wats. had to re-tap it and fit a bigger bolt. Evil or Very Mad

T'Onion: You could try a couple of screw drivers and lever the bolt whilst another try's turning the bolt .. slowly .. it may just catch

HarryMann: Try t'onions 2-pry-bars or 2 screwdrivers first, with three hands you should be able to get it to start some sort of thread action, even if partially crossed (its coming out anyway).. then I'm afraid its a helicoil or drill and retap to larger plug as WSLKR says