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Brookie: Replacing throttle cable

If you didn't get RAC to fix it (which is a cracking idea) it's not too bad to DIY.

First, get a cable from Just Kampers for about £15 then get a thick blanket to lie on as you're gonna be lieing down for a couple of hours. Trickiest bit is disconnecting at the pedal end - it's a tiny little split-pin affair to undo at arms length whilst on your back,craning your head up holding a torch and some pliers! So,get a good light,something to rest your head on and if you can - remove front right wheel as it gives you so much more room to manouvre. BUT make sure you are using axle stands x2 for safety! Once you've got front free tie a very long piece of srting to it so when you pull the whole cable out towards the back of van you will leave the exact route the new cable has to go! Make sure you grease the linkage where it attaches to pedal as you won't want to be going back up there for a while!

Good luck