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CJ: FRAM Oil Filters - don't use them they're rubbish. Had a 2.1 MV and a DJ come back with buzzer of doom on, change back to MAN filter sorted, so be warned.

Simon Baxter: For the cost of the Mann ones it's not worth fitting anything else. They have all the propper valvework inside to maintain residual oil pressure when switched off. Cheaper filters omit this facility. I am unaware of manufacturer that use fram as OE.

Mercdoctor: FRAM Oil Filters break up and don't do the job



VW 1.9 TD (AAZ) - Oil filters suitable

MANN W 840/2
ALCO SP-1078 (PH5833)
VAG 028 115 561 B

MANN W 920/25 has too large OD - binds against oil cooler take-off plate unions on my setup, may fit yours))


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