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JX to 1Z completed - now my Doka drifts....

Posted: 22 Oct 2011, 18:57
by dbug
the best engine swap ive done on any of my dubs. :pimp

due to lack of time and need to get it done quickly as this is my daily i got Mario and Daz of MV Engineering in Telford to do the conversion for me.

the guys supplied and fitted the engine and all i can say is the work and back up is faultless.

the 1Z has retained its ecu and vw immob system and the engine bay looks factory with all wiring and harnesses tidy in plastic wire conduit

2 weeks from start to finish ( inc one of the guys being away on holiday ) , warranty on both engine and parts fitted - well chuffed :ok

best of all the back end goes out on command and its very tempting to take to DWYB at the pod :rollin

if your thinking of doing this give them a call 07989 593569 and have a chat with Mario....