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LPG Tank - How Full ???

Posted: 03 Jul 2010, 20:57
by MK_Munchie
I have a 1989 Westfalia T25 with a LPG underslung tank. Being new to the whole campervan thing I have no idea how to measure or check how full the tank is, or how easy (or not) it is to fill up.

Also if anyone knows where and what sort of gas alarm might be needed to detect leaks - any information gratefully received

Re: LPG Tank - How Full ???

Posted: 03 Jul 2010, 22:03
by Ian Hulley
Hi, the tank has a gauge on the side under the cover, these are unreliable but it's there. The filler is under a yellow cap to the right hand end of the panel with a chain hanging off it, this unscrews leaving a German ACME adaptor (useless in the UK) but you can screw a UK adaptor in the center and fill that way. I believe our's is about 15 ltrs ?


Re: LPG Tank - How Full ???

Posted: 03 Jul 2010, 22:24
by uniB
You can get an LPG gas detector from here: ... trical.htm towards the bottom of the page. Got one myself but haven't got on to fitting it yet. Not cheap but for peice of mind (and to keep our lass happy) thought it'd be worth fitting one.

Re: LPG Tank - How Full ???

Posted: 22 Jul 2010, 22:28
by MK_Munchie
thanks guys