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Anybody fitted their own Tinley Tech kit??

Posted: 28 Mar 2010, 21:26
by onecogwonder
Has anybody bought an LPG kit from Tinley Tech for their 2.1 WBX? Any success stories, comments, notes on which level of kit worked for them?

Re: Anybody fitted their own Tinley Tech kit??

Posted: 29 Mar 2010, 16:35
by AngeloEvs
No problem with their kit . You can select the type/model of vaporizer, bigger Tank size, etc but the cost will increase depending on your selection. I seem to recall that the mixer they originally offered me was the type that fits in the air inlet and I had to specify the type that sits on the Pierburg carb (this type often needs a small section of the engine hatch removed). Just a word of caution, the kit is generic and you will not get specific instructions on how to fit it to a VW. You will get instructions on how the various components connect and fit and a general guide to setting the system up. You will also get a copy of the regulations and the instructions will refer to these where appropriate. You will need to get all the additional sundries such as spreader plates, nuts, bolts, multi core cable (the supplied cable from the petrol - gas control unit is not long enough). TinleyTec offer advice and support and I would strongly advise that you talk to who will inspect the system regards your planned conversion. They can set up the system, inspect your installation and issue a safety certificate for a fee. Be aware that this will not be an LPGA safety cert and some insurance companies will not accept it whilst others will. Expect to add another 100 pounds or so to the cost of the kit, also add the cost of inspection/set up and compare that to the cost of having it done by an LPGA installer.

Re: Anybody fitted their own Tinley Tech kit??

Posted: 29 May 2010, 12:04
by dugcati
Tinley Tech are well recommended by me :ok

I bought a kit from them for my air-cooled bus and I have to say the service they gave was they was great - I called them several times asking questions and they were always polite, knowledgeable and willing to help/talk.

When I ordered they mis-heard me stating I have dual carbs on my bus (single as std as it was a 1600) and when I called them they sent out a second mixer/Y power valve/pipework that day an it arrived the next.

As mentioned you will need to get the system set up once you installed it but to be fair mine ran well from the off.

The worst part of the whole install is cutting a great big hole in the body for the filler housing to go on/in and the initial fill up after you have installed it all :mrgreen:

If you do install yourself pressure test your system from the filler housing without the bayonet fitted using a foot pump and test each solenoid and leak test also.

**read all the instructions and absorb the info in the booklet Tinley Tech send out with the kit**